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Neural Engineering is an inherently new discipline that coalesces engineering, physics and neuroscience for the design and development of brain–computer interface systems, cognitive computers and neural prosthetics. For the implementation of future transformative technologies a new breed of young researchers must be trained to integrate ideas and skills from a broad range of disciplines.

NETT is composed of seven full network partners and ten associated partners including one international industrial company and eight SMEs. NETT will provide a European focus for the development of those aspects of Complexity Science most relevant to Neural Engineering, and ensure that we do not fall behind research in the US and Japan. We have identified some of the key challenges in this field and designed a set of inter-related multi-disciplinary projects that, by combining the skills of NETT members will generate transformative technologies such as novel speech recognisers, neural- inspired laser networks for information processing and robots with
cognitive skills.

To address key priority areas of FP7 in multi-disciplinary research, NETT will train ESRs and ERs using a structured, industry-focussed selection of training courses, with leading expertise in mathematics, physics, neuroscience and bioengineering from academia and the private sector. Each ESR will benefit from a secondment to another host country and an internship with an associated partner on problems of genuine real-world relevance. In this way ESRs will acquire a unique set of essential multi-disciplinary skills that will enhance research activity in the ERA and improve their career perspectives in both the public and private sectors.

NETT is thus a Marie-Curie ITN whose activities are designed to benefit the development of transformative technologies that could not be developed in isolation, and simultaneously maximise the use of shared resources and facilities for both training and research.

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