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Few Spin Solid-State Nano-systems


This network brings together an exceptionally strong group of world leading experts in nano-science and technology in order to achieve breakthroughs in understanding and successful utilisation of nanoscale systems in future devices. The focus of the consortium is on few spin nano-systems in solid-state materials including III-V semiconductors and Carbon-based structures: carbon nano-tubes, graphene and diamonds. Such wide material base emphasizes the truly intersectoral character of this collaboration opening opportunities for crossing the boundaries between several areas of solid-state physics and technology. In order to ensure the highest impact of this collaboration in the emerging supra-disciplinary field of physics and applications of spin nano-systems, we bring together the expertise of the world top class research institutions and industry from 4 European countries. The network will deliver top international level multidisciplinary training to 11 early stage researchers and 5 experienced researchers, offering them, in particular, an extended program of multinational exchanges and secondments. The research and development under this network will undertake a broad scope of tasks important for implementation of spin nano-systems in future devices, such as non-volatile ultra-compact memories, nano-magnetometers, spin qubits for quantum information, and high-efficiency single photon sources. The objectives of the network include: (1) Realization and optical control of coherent single spins in nanostructures; (2) Spin-orbit interaction and spin-orbit qubits in nanostructures; (3) Advanced techniques for manipulation of nuclear spins on the nanoscale; (4) Generation of long-distance entanglement between single spins.

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