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Environment for team, organisational and individual learning in emergencies


ETOILE is a training system developed and used to train effectively top-level managers who are in charge of decision responsibilities from a management point of view instead of from a technical one in management. This is achieved providing three solution strategies: the usage of software agents, virtual reality (VR) and shared mental models. These solution strategies are implemented in the ETOILE training environment for the standard PC, which consists of two main parts. The first part is the runtime platform that supports the training administration, the creation of the virtual environment, the network connection, the loading and execution of a training scenario as well as the usage of different communication devices. The second part is the authoring toolkit. Its aim is to enable non-experts in programming and VR to define the training scenarios and adapt them to their specific needs in a flexible way. The main product features can be summarised as follows: -Adaptability: it is adaptable to different kinds of training in different environments or industrial sectors and is also adaptable to different levels of training. -Flexibility: different kinds of training modules, individual/team and organisation modules. -Availability: you can use it anytime, anywhere. -Autonomy: you can use it by yourself or within a team. -Efficiency: it includes an evaluation of each training session, which allows you to check your improvements. One of the strength of ETOILE is that there is no restriction concerning the length of training. According to the specific training situation, an exercise could take 15 minutes or several hours. -Effectiveness: possibility of training without participating in a drill. -Real emergency simulation. -Evaluation feedback. -Assistant functionality. -Quality.