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Quantum resources: conceptuals and applications


"The studies of quantum resources - entanglement (E) and non-locality (NL) carried out over the last decade have broadened horizons of our conceptual understanding of Nature and at the same time opened unprecedented possibilities for practical applications.
The project aims at taking advantage of the most recent discoveries to understand the ultimate power and find novel applications of these resources. The main objectives are: E) to study novel entanglement-induced non-additivity effects in quantum communication and application of mixed state entanglement to quantum metrology NL) to recognize the influence of information causality on the power of quantum non-locality and verify the power of non-locality, and more generally – contextuality – for quantum computational speed-up. In particular, it is planned: E) to find new non-additivities by providing explicit constructions of bipartite channels, broadcast channels and quantum networks; to demonstrate experimentally non-additivity effects; to provide experimentally friendly entanglement measures in quantum networks; to analyse entanglement-enhanced metrology in presence of decoherence NL) to determine to what extent information-causality reproduces quantum mechanics; to generalize information causality to multipartite systems; to provide new fundamental information-theoretical principles behind quantum mechanics; to quantify and classify contextuality; to design and analyse multiparty non-local systems independently of quantum mechanics; to verify their usefulness for communication and computational tasks.
We shall extensively exploit multiple interrelations between these two aspects of quantum physics. The results of theoretical investigations will be implemented in labs by experimental partners. In particular, we plan pioneering implementations of quantum channel non-additivity effects. The proposed research lines will bring ground-breaking results for quantum information processing."

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