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JPI’s: a process of mutual learning: TOwards a COmmon adoption of frameWORK


The European Research Area (ERA) New Perspectives Green paper published in 2007, stressed the importance of overcoming the fragmentation of research activities, programmes and policies across Europe. To respond to this need this document proposed a joint programming, implementation and evaluation of public research investments at European level on issues that go beyond the capacities of individual countries.

As a consequence, the European Council of March 2008 called the Commission and Member States to explore the potential of Joint Programming in research, and to launch first activities in this field by 2010. In July 2008, the European Commission launched its proposal with the Communication ‘Towards Joint programming in research: Working together to tackle common challenges more effectively’. This proposal was welcomed by the Council by December 2008, and agreed to launch the process, but focused on that challenges which no Member State is capable of solving alone.

Upon this invitation from the Council, it has been agreed to develop 10 Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI) in total that are at a different stage of development.

As the JPI’s involve different institutions from different countries, with different procedures, since the beging of the JPI process it was stated the need of providing guidelines on Framework Conditions (FC) to facilitate a harmonised planning and implementation of joint research programmes.

The main objective of this support action is to organize a process of mutual learning between all the running JPIs, mainly focused on common challenges that framework conditions and the best contribution of JPIs to the ERA within the strategy Europe 2020.

The objective of this project is thus to provide a forum to continue the discussion, exchange of experiences and best practices, and the implementation of a process of mutual learning amongst ongoing and future JPIs.

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