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Design and Synthesis of Novel Bilayered Scaffolds for Periodontal Tissue Regeneration


"Current data concerning the use of scaffolds in Periodontal Tissue Regeneration are far from sufficient for successful tissue-engineering therapeutics in the periodontology field. Consequently, we have identified the need for the development of advanced biomimetic scaffold materials, which are versatile enough to be targeted for tooth-specific applications and capable to drive the growth and functional differentiation of stem/progenitor dental cells into matured organized periodontal tissues in a controlled manner. The aim of this project is the design, synthesis and optimization of an advanced bilayered composite scaffold based on glass-ceramic foams combined with electrospun collagen-based meshes that mimics the complex structure of periodontium, i.e. the hierarchical structure of cementum and alveolar bone, the periodontal ligament and the continuous, fibrous interface between these tissues. The implementation of this project is designed through the integration of three objectives, which involve: i) the synthesis and optimization of glass-ceramic scaffolds for cementum/alveolar bone regeneration, ii) the development and characterization of tailored collagen-based fibrous scaffolds for periodontal ligament regeneration, and iii) their innovative combination for the construction of novel bilayered scaffolds to regenerate the complex tissue interface at the periodontium."

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