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Solid state nuclear magnetic resonance studies of high-performance battery electrode materials


"The long-term objective of this project is to develop the next generation of lithium ion battery (LIB) electrode materials with high energy capacity and efficiency, fast charging rate, long lifetime, low cost. These properties are needed for practical applications of rechargeable LIBs in electric cars and socio-economic transition from fossil fuels to cheap, clean, and renewable energy sources. The immediate objective is to study conversion-type electrode materials, particularly the Li/RuO2 system, which has an energy capacity of more than 7 times higher than the currently available LiCoO2 battery electrode, is the only conversion reaction close to 100% coulombically efficient, and exhibits all ideal properties as an electrode. We aim to use insights from the study of this novel compound to improve the functioning of cheaper systems such as FeF3.

The structural chemistry and dynamics of Li/RuO2 will be studied by state-of-the-art ex-situ and in-situ multinuclear solid-state NMR spectroscopy and other complementary techniques, such as electrochemical analysis, X-ray diffraction/absorption, and electron microscopy. The changes in structure and dynamics of Li/RuO2 after charge/discharge will be revealed by ex-situ NMR, while the meta-stable chemical phases during battery charge/discharge will be detected by in-situ NMR. Dynamic properties will be studied over a broad temperature range. The electrochemical performance and safety issues will also be evaluated. This study will provide information on what structural features and dynamics of electrode materials will yield desirable battery performance and help select/design materials with optimal electrochemical performance and low cost for the next generation of LIBs.

This study will benefit areas including energy, transport, environment, and economy by setting the basis to provide a strong energy storage system for the transition to cheaper, cleaner, and renewable energy sources such as solar and wind"

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