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Low-Energy Aspects of Gauge Unifications and their Experimental Implications


One of the most striking results of the last decade's particle physics is the proof that at least two of the three neutrinos entering the weak charged and neutral current processes are not massless, at odds with their Weyl nature within the Standard Model of particle interactions. Their unprecedented lightness and the peculiar shape of the leptonic mixing pattern reflected by the neutrino oscillation phenomena make the origin of neutrino mass a central question of the present-day high-energy physics. Moreover, the intriguing option that neutrinos can be Majorana particles reveals an entirely new aspect of reality in which some of the sacrosanct laws of nature, such as the perturbative conservation of lepton number, can be conspicuously broken.
With the advent of the new generation of cutting-edge experimental instruments like, e.g. the CERN's Large Hadron Collider, high-precision neutrino facilities, super-large-volume detectors and other tools, these fundamental concepts will be subject to an unparalleled scrutiny in the coming years, with extremely high demands on the cohesion of many different scientific disciplines.
The proposed project is carefully balanced at the interface of the theoretical and experimental frontiers of the modern particle physics research. It attempts to address some of its most profound issues such as the problem of the Standard Model flavour structure, the origin of parity violation and, especially, the nature of the neutrino masses in their core, from the perspective of Grand unification, one of the best motivated hypotheses about the shape of the new layer of the physical reality at very short distances. Besides a great multidisciplinary scientific potential, a thorough understanding of the interplay among physics at vastly different energy scales can shed more light on some of the fundamental questions about the origin and destiny of the Universe and the matter, radiation and other constituents within.

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