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Highlighting EU-funded Health research results via TV media and the internet


"The strategic objective of HIGHLIGHT is to contribute to the development of public awareness on European Health research in all European countries through the professional use of television media and the internet.

The technical objectives of HIGHLIGHT are:

• Surf the Health Theme in FP7 to identify most prominent results achieved by individual projects in FP7.
• Produce and release a series of 21 high-quality free-of-rights short TV reportages for the general public on the basis of the key results of the research. Project’s audiovisuals will be developed in such a way to be easily adaptable to the needs of a wide spectrum of European TV channels and languages.
• Exploit the distribution potential of the Consortium and deliver the TV reportages to 200+ TV programs in Europe, to the news and to the main European broadcasting gateways, targeting all principal TV broadcast media from the 27 EU Member States and beyond.
• Produce and release a series of original articles “around the TV reportages” written by professional journalists for the press and on-line media on the basis of the key results of the research.
• Translate the released TV reportages in 6 languages and engrave them onto a DVD for public use at conferences, fairs, workshops, etc. The layout of the DVD shall be in line with DG R&I audiovisual communication policy.
• Monitor the progress of the project and quantify the overall media impact of the project.

On the basis of the above, HIGHLIGHT expects:

• To have each of its audiovisual productions took-up and/or broadcast by national European TV stations at least 10 times, for a minimum expected total of 210 take-ups/broadcasts made by public TV stations in Europe and beyond, for a total of several millions viewers.
• To have each of its web articles seen, took-up and mirrored at least 35 times, for a minimum expected total of 2,205 referrals on on-line news, specialised magazines, blogs, fora, social networks, etc."

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