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Mid-term networking technologies rig and in-flight validation for avionic applications


PROPOSAL ABSTRACT Today's technologies used in aeronautical communications have limited capabilities both on data rate transfer and on internal and external aircraft networking. MINERVAA aims to be a fundamental step on the roadmap to the implementation of the future aeronautical broadband network. The project will apply the paradigm "bringing the technologies from the lab to the aircraft". MINERVAA will validate in flight the Outside-aircraft optical link technology and,on a fully representative aircraft mock-up, several Inside-aircraft optical link specific applications. The project will also further develop at a larger extent the basic research on Ka-band avionic phased-array antennas, already carried out in ATENAA. The project will focus on: - Outside-aircraft optical link (OOL): the project moves from state of the art requirements and available research results, and concentrates on the implementation of an innovative, low-drag, compact, high data rate terminal to be installed onboard of an experimental aircraft. An in-flight air-to-ground validation is then executed in order to assess the performances. - Inside-aircraft optical link passenger network (IOPN): the project takes advantage of the Inside-aircraft optical link (IOL) technology validated in previous EC research projects, and develops a novel passenger optical network concept. The IOPN is tested in a cabin mock-up to demonstrate the feasibility of new broadband communications services at seat level. - Ka-band avionic phased-array antennas: MINERVAA progresses in the research activities investigating at lab level both the integration of TX and RX Ka-band Avionic Phased-Array antennas into a single one, and the need to match the air-to-air communications needs. The relevance of matter has been already recognized and MINERVAA will exploit synergies with all related European and national projects and in particular with ATENAA.

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