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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-05-29

A model-data fusion system for global fusion of ecosystem observations, biochemical modelling and spatial data sets


The proposal aims at improved biogeochemical ecosystem modelling through the integration of ecosystem site level and spatial data (e.g. remote sensing) in a model-data fusion approach. For that purpose, global eddy covariance net ecosystem carbon and water flux data from all available biomes will be subject to quality control, processing and uncertainty estimation. Subsequently, a synthesis of those data sets with respect to carbon-water cycle interactions will be performed and a robust Bayesian inverse modelling system will be developed to constrain ecosystem models with those data. Furthermore, the merit of adding spatial model constraints, that bridge the scale gap between ecosystem site and continental level will be analysed. For this purpose uncertainties of the spatial data sets will be quantified and these data sets used to improve structure and parameterisation of a prognostic ecosystem model.

Thus, for the first time a Bayesian robust inverse modelling tool for biogeochemical modelling will be developed and be applied to simultaneously add local ecosystem-level and spatial constraints to a biogeochemical model. The project will be carried out via the establishment of a strong Independent Junior Research Group at one of the core centres of European biogeochemical cycle research that is crucially involved in the CARBOEUROPE and NITROEUROPE Integrated projects. The scientific issues addressed in the proposal (environmental data integration through advanced computational methods) will be of wide interest during the coming decades, not only for carbon cycle science.

These scientific prospects in combination with the extraordinary research environment at the host render a successful long-term establishment of the applicant very likely. The proposal is related to European policy positions such as the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto protocol, since it contributes to spatial continental carbon accounting.

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