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Digital Cultural Heritage Roadmap for Preservation - Open Science Infrastructure for DCH in 2020

Descrizione del progetto

Coordination actions, conferences and studies supporting policy development, including international cooperation, for e-Infrastructures

Digital Cultural Heritage-DCH is producing a large amount of digital content that need to be safely stored, permanently accessed and easily re-used by the humanities researchers. The vision for the next two decades is to implement a federated infrastructure dedicated to support the application of open science in the arts and the humanities. Preservation is the first priority.National digitization programmes address the issue of the preservation in a separate manner, while a shared implementation of common e-infrastructure layers could be beneficial and cost effective.DCH-RP is a coordination action whose main expected outcome is a validated Roadmap for the implementation of a preservation federated e-infrastructure for DCH. Such infrastructure will exploit the facilities offered by the research infrastructures, namely by NREN, Grid Initiatives and the newer data infrastructures.DCH-RP builds upon the knowledge generated by the DC-NET ERA-NET and the INDICATE, two pioneer projects for DCH e-infrastructures where many of the DCH-RP partners participate. Preservation is the first priority in the DC-NET Joint Activities Plan and was investigated within the INDICATE Use Case Studies.DCH-RP also builds upon other many successfully completed and ongoing initiatives, with particular regard to those who address the theme of the preservation with cross-disciplinary strategies (e.g. SCIDIP-ES and EUDAT).DCH-RP does not deal with digitisation and will not perform a technical development itself, which is instead a matter for national and regional programmes. DCH-RP will design a Roadmap to be executed within future implementation projects. DCH-RP will explore: how to harmonise data preservation policies in the DCH sector at European and international level; how to progress with the dialogue among DCH institutions, e-Infrastructures, research and private organisations; governance, maintenance and sustainability models.

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