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European Research Forum for Urban Mobility

Exploitable results

The main outcome of Eurforum project is the 'Strategic research agenda' (SRA) for urban mobility. This SRA has been developed starting from an analysis of the state-of-the-art (SoA) on the urban transport research issues, and the formulation of a vision for the future. In fact, this SRA is based on the comparison between the SoA (where do we stand with respect to our knowledge) and the vision (where do we want to be with respect to policy outcomes), and takes up the set of issues which are considered crucial for the future development of urban transport: - innovative strategies for clean urban transport, - tools to support urban transport policy development, - exchange of know-how and dissemination of good practice experiences coming from different transport sectors, - tools to fill the gap between available knowledge and realised implementation by identifying barriers and developing appropriate solutions, - coordinated information and communication strategies targeting transport users, operators and infrastructure managers, - intermodality between existing mobility services and innovative intermodal mobility services in urban areas, - improvement of the knowledge base on urban mobility Europe-wide (i.e. across agglomerations), - urban mobility research including and combining the subjects identified in existing modal technology platforms, and appropriate links between existing modal “Technology Platforms” (Errac, Ertrac, Waterborne, ISTAG, Eirac, ACARE, etc.), in order to cover transversal intermodal issues addressing similar priorities (e.g. Traffic Planning, Traffic Management). The concept developed by Eurforum is to create room for innovative coordination and cooperation of stakeholders and decision-makers with regard to urban mobility research developed at European level and supported by the European Commissio. The SRA has identified and described the following future topics for urban mobility research grouped according to the two components of transport demand (users’ needs and behaviour, and the urban structure), and the two components of transport supply (integrated mobility services, and integrated transport systems), as well as according to Urban Transport Demand Analysis and Modelling for Policy Support. Topics for future research relating to 'User Needs And Behaviour' are: - better understanding of the mobility behaviour of individuals and firms, - improving the accessibility and sustainability of our cities, - knowing the user: market research, - impact of policy measures and system innovations on mobility behaviour, - impact of societal changes on mobility behaviour, - how to actively influence user behaviour, - user acceptance analyses. Topics for future research relating to 'Urban Structure' are: - analysis and assessment of interactions between urban land use and transport, - making land development more sustainable through more efficient taxation, - more efficient use of existing transport infrastructure, - developing approaches for integrated planning, - fostering the use of integrated planning approaches. Topics for future research concerning 'Mobility Services' are: - towards seamless multimodal transport, - compatible urban mobility services, - customisation of services, - development of sound business models and organisational frameworks, - technical issues. The section on 'Integrated Systems' covers the following topics for future research: - reducing negative impacts of urban transport (including: safety, security and environmental impacts), - integration of urban transport networks (including: infrastructure sharing, funding, intermodality, intelligent integrated network management), - implementation of new urban freight concepts, - strengthening of the alternatives to the private car (including: pedestrians and cyclists, better data for improved public transport operation, taxis and alternative modes), - organisational and regulatory framework for urban transport, innovations in public transport infrastructure and rolling stock. Future research topics regarding 'Urban Transport Demand Analysis and Modelling for Policy Support' are: - improvement of data collection on the issue of passenger transport, - improvement of data collection on the issue of urban freight transport through joint efforts, - standardisation of survey design and indicators for urban passenger and freight transport, - improving methods like data fusion and synthetic matching, - improving complementary data collection and reliability of data, - strengthening our understanding of user aspects by modelling user behaviour, - improvement of transport models integrating all fields of urban planning and management, - reduction of barriers for practical use of up-to-date models, - improvement of urban freight transport models and support of their application.