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Modelling And Testing for Improved Safety of key composite StructurEs in<br/>alternatively powered vehicles


"MATISSE aims to make a significant step forward in the capability of the automotive industry to model, predict and optimise the crash behaviour of mass produced Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite structures, which will be extensively used in Alternatively Powered Vehicles. The ability to investigate crashworthiness of FRP vehicle structures by numerical simulation is crucial for these lightweight materials to see widespread use in future cars. By delivering this ability MATISSE will lead to safer, more efficient and more desirable cars. Modelling tools developed will be further validated through two automotive solution components: adaptive crash structures and high-pressure storage tanks. Future crash scenarios will be assessed and new evaluation criteria regarding safety will be developed.
With a consortium led by automotive industry yet including partners active in the aerospace domain (where FRP structures are widely used), MATISSE leverages the knowledge from the aeronautical sector while assuring that advances in modelling, simulation and testing capabilities will be directly applicable to and acceptable for automotive applications, reinforcing the European automotive sector.
MATISSE comprises 11 partners from 6 countries, including four high ranking European universities/research centres, three SMEs with extensive experience in FP projects, two innovative tier-1 suppliers and two major European vehicles manufacturers. The balance and complementarity of the partners is ensured as each of them has been selected to cover a specific knowledge gap. The consortium as a whole has all the expertise required for the successful implementation of MATISSE objectives.
Finally, MATISE will cooperate with existing and future parallel projects through a specific clustering committee created for this purpose. Specific measures for the efficient dissemination and exploitation of project results have been designed and will be implemented in order to maximize its impact."

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