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STEP-UP - Strategies Towards Energy Performance and Urban Planning


STEP-UP - brings together excellence on energy planning from Glasgow; Ghent; Riga; and Gothenburg – 4 ambitious, northern European, historic, port cities together with their industrial and research partners.

The initiative is supported at the highest political level in all 4 cities – and city leaders will be active in the project throughout its life, ensuring it delivers its objectives, and has clear and significant impact in the partner cities and beyond.

STEP-UP takes an integrated approach to energy planning, integrated project design, and implementation by addressing 3 vital themes together: energy and technology; economics; organisation and stakeholders.

STEP-UP partner cities will significantly enhance their Covenant of Mayors Strategic Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) to tackle all three Europe 2020 energy targets: energy efficiency / energy reduction; growth of renewable energy; carbon emissions reduction.

STEP-UP will draw on the partner cities’ experience of integrated energy planning, and will build on this through learning and adapting experience from other cities and partners to create a coherent and easy-to-use model for energy planning. This model will be adopted in multiple cities to deliver faster and greater impacts for Europe’s 2020 energy targets – and wider policy objectives such as improving security of energy supplies, urban regeneration, economic growth, and tackling fuel poverty – making these cities better places to live, work, learn, and do business.

Key deliverables are:

An integrated model for delivering ambitious realistic integrated SEAPs;

Enhanced SEAPs in all partner cities;

Innovative energy projects in all partner cities that integrate different technologies and stakeholders;

A learning network of cities to replicate this action across Europe;

Work with the Central Party School to replicate this model in China;

Training programmes for professionals

A new Masters Course on Sustainable city planning and implementation.


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