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Researchers imagine the Future


"Under the banner of EU 2020 innovation initiative, the Researchers' Night 2012 will be run in France around the theme: Imagine the Future. Over 15 sites across the country will allow nearly 20,000 visitors to meet and exchange with over 400 researchers working on a multidisciplinary range of scientific disciplines, ranging from Social Sciences to fundamental and applied sciences. The “RIF” project has been specifically designed to overcome the stereotype of researchers working alone in their laboratories without any further contact with the “real” world. By following a new and innovative way of discovering science through art and entertainment this project aims at enhancing public recognition of the researchers, their role in society and the importance of scientific research to the public day-to-day life.
In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, visitors will have the opportunity to express their feelings, and opinions about both the researchers’ work and their role in society. Reciprocally, researchers will have the opportunity to express their concerns about their work. Furthermore, as if they were in front of a crystal ball, participant researchers will be asked to imagine what the future will be like in 30 years. They will have to imagine the evolution of their research, and the effects it will be likely to have on the world and society.Special attention will be paid to young public, using an accessible language adapted for non scientists.
Activities foreseen throughout the RIF’s project range from treasure hunting, face-to-face meeting,
to the creation of a surprising universe of projected lights and lasers. RIF project proposes to discover how researchers imagine future societies and try to shape them, to discover talented junior’s researchers work and cutting-edge research. Researchers' Night 2012 will focus on the diversity and cross existing research, while putting out that Researchers are also ordinary people working for a better future for all of us."

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