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Computational study of assisted assembly of colloids


Morphology of clusters of attractive dry and wet self-propelled spherical particle suspensions

Autoren: Alarcón, Francisco; Valeriani, Chantal; Pagonabarraga, Ignacio
Veröffentlicht in: Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) 2016
Dauerhafte ID: Digital Object Identifier:10.1039/c6sm01752e; arXiv:1612.03987

Ice–Water Interfacial Free Energy for the TIP4P, TIP4P/2005, TIP4P/Ice, and mW Models As Obtained from the Mold Integration Technique

Autoren: Carlos Vega; Eduardo Sanz; Jorge R. Espinosa
Veröffentlicht in: American Chemical Society (ACS) 2016
Dauerhafte ID: Digital Object Identifier:10.1021/acs.jpcc.5b11221

Premelting-Induced Smoothening of the Ice-Vapor Interface.

Autoren: Benet, Jorge; Llombart, Pablo; Sanz, Eduardo; MacDowell, Luis G.
Veröffentlicht in: Americal Physical Society instname:Universidad Complutense de Madrid 2016
Dauerhafte ID: arXiv:1609.01439; Digital Object Identifier:10.1103/physrevlett.117.096101

The mold integration method for the calculation of the crystal-fluid interfacial free energy from simulations.

Autoren: Carlos Vega; Jorge R. Espinosa; Eduardo Sanz
Dauerhafte ID: arXiv:1411.7162; Digital Object Identifier:10.1063/1.4896621

Computer simulation study of surface wave dynamics at the crystal-melt interface.

Autoren: Eduardo Sanz; Luis G. MacDowell; Jorge Benet
Dauerhafte ID: arXiv:1410.0224; Digital Object Identifier:10.1063/1.4886806

A study of the ice–water interface using the TIP4P/2005 water model

Autoren: Eduardo Sanz; Luis G. MacDowell; Jorge Benet
Dauerhafte ID: arXiv:1410.0290; Digital Object Identifier:10.1039/c4cp03398a

Activity-induced collapse and reexpansion of rigid polymers.

Autoren: Harder, Joseph; Valeriani, Chantal; Cacciuto, Angelo
Veröffentlicht in: American Physical Society (APS) 2014
Dauerhafte ID: Digital Object Identifier:10.1103/physreve.90.062312; arXiv:1411.4629

On fluid-solid direct coexistence simulations: the pseudo-hard sphere model.

Autoren: Jorge R. Espinosa; Chantal Valeriani; Carlos Vega; Eduardo Sanz
Veröffentlicht in: AIP Publishing 2013
Dauerhafte ID: Digital Object Identifier:10.1063/1.4823499

Homogeneous ice nucleation at moderate supercooling from molecular simulation.

Autoren: Sanz, E.; Vega, C.; Espinosa, J. R.; Caballero-Bernal, R.; Abascal, J. L. F.; Valeriani, C.
Dauerhafte ID: arXiv:1312.0822; Digital Object Identifier:10.1021/ja4028814

Homogeneous ice nucleation evaluated for several water models

Autoren: Espinosa, J. R.; Sanz, E.; Valeriani, C.; Vega, C.
Dauerhafte ID: arXiv:1411.6801; Digital Object Identifier:10.1063/1.4897524

Molecular mechanism for cavitation in water under tension

Autoren: Menzl, Georg; Gonzalez, Miguel A.; Geiger, Philipp; Caupin, Frédéric; Abascal, José L. F.; Valeriani, Chantal; Dellago, Christoph
Veröffentlicht in: HAL CCSD EISSN: 1091-6490 2016
Dauerhafte ID: PubMed Central ID:PMC5137690; PubMed ID:27803329; arXiv:1606.03392; Digital Object Identifier:10.1073/pnas.1608421113

Avalanches mediate crystallization in a hard-sphere glass

Autoren: Eduardo Sanz; Eduardo Sanz; Wilson C. K. Poon; Chantal Valeriani; Chantal Valeriani; Emanuela Zaccarelli; Peter Pusey; M. E. Cates
Dauerhafte ID: Handle:20.500.11820/14000332-06ac-4f88-ab95-3b3d4608bcb8; arXiv:1404.0572; Digital Object Identifier:10.1073/pnas.1308338110; PubMed Central ID:PMC3890891; PubMed ID:24306932