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Periodic-dispersive photonic components for control of spectral, spatial and temporal characteristics of laser diode radiation

Final Report Summary - BRIGHTLIGHT (Periodic-dispersive photonic components for control of spectral, spatial and temporal characteristics of laser diode radiation)

Diode lasers are more efficient than any other laser and feature the highest reliability. They are already very strong contenders in the commercial marketplace. Laser diodes are a basic technology for a diversity of applications, such as pumping of solid-state lasers, communications and material processing. At the same time, there are clearly certain deficiencies in their performance that have become critical for many demanding applications, e.g. their low spatial and temporal coherence. The consequences of this, however, is a spectral line-width which is too broad with poor beam quality.

The main aim of the BRIGHTLIGHT project was the development of a low cost, mass production technology for optical components based on Volume Bragg gratings (VBGs) in advanced photorefractive materials that control the spatial and temporal coherence of laser diode radiation.

The end result of the project is a new range of frequency converted laser systems with very narrow line width and high spatial coherence. Therefore, VBGs with the required efficiency and periodically-poled nonlinear crystals fabricated in the project were existent. The project was executed successfully. The main goals were achieved.

The demonstrators reported on are an excellent starting point for the successful product commercialisation. As the demonstration of frequency stabilisation and frequency doubling have been very successful, SICO Technology GmbH and Alphalas GmbH both plan to continue the production of VBGs for frequency stabilisation on their own costs in order to enhance the beam properties of laser diodes.

In the framework of the project, each partner develops a special advanced product which will not only decisively contribute to the achievement of the project objective, but can also be marketed separately for many advanced applications. This will promote each small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) partner to a better marketing and competitive position worldwide. Photorefractive materials produced by SICO Technology GmbH and Daren Laboratories and Scientific Consultants Ltd. find an advanced photonic application in the optical information technology, telecommunication and military industry. Alphalas GmbH will produce diode laser systems with improved spatial and spectral characteristics as well as periodically poled nonlinear crystals and highly efficient frequency doubled laser diodes based on the materials and technologies developed in the project. Alphalas GmbH and SICO Technology GmbH will continue the manufacturing of VBGs to stabilise laser diodes with these components.

Many of these European SMEs can potentially benefit from the new developments. For example, all sectors which deal with suitable optical devices, systems and technologies can profit from the results of this project. The cooperation in the BRIGHTLIGHT project leads to a transfer of information and knowledge and the reinforcement of Europe in the field of optical technology and fabrication of trendsetting laser systems in the face of worldwide competition.