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Construction and modes of expression of differences in collective action of Afro-Americans and Latinos in a California barrio. Two case studies: One East Palo Alto and San Francis of Assisi


"GENIDMOV is based on studies of ""unlikely mobilizations"" that are emerging increasingly in a context of global economic crisis and growing social inequality. It focuses on the empowerment process of minority groups (Blacks and Latinos) through their collective action, on the main processes and specific factors allow them to participate in public space. It covers a difficult research field, a barrio in North California (East Palo Alto), taken as a mirror of collective action for “low resources” people, which apparently combine all obstacles to mobilization.
The objective of this research is to generate knowledge about obstacles and needs for opportunity enhancement for economic, social and political integration of minority groups and women in a life-course perspective, by examining the influence of the identities of gender, class,
race, and of ethnic capital on the forms taken by collective action.It would allow to identify the critical issues in order to conduct appropriate policies of diversity and social equality in the future.
Taking advantage of the diverse areas of expertise and of an another context for testing research hypothesis, the purpose is not to limit ourselves to the presentation of the social mechanisms of a phenomenon that affects a particular population, but to take this object of study as an entry feature for renewing the great questions of sociology and political science, such as various forms of social and political participation of individuals, the multiple modes of political socialization, the ways of the politicization of public causes and the elements that define a democratic society and social changes."

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