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Misrecognition, mutual Recognition and Forgiveness in Hegel and Ricoeur


The present project pursues a twofold objective: firstly, it aims to frame Ricoeur’s position in the contemporary and interdisciplinary debate on mutual recognition (Anerkennung), highlighting original traits of Ricoeurian reception in the Hegelian category; secondly, it is designed to make a theoretical comparison between the way in which Ricoeur and Hegel interpret the nexus among misrecognition, Anerkennung and Forgiveness, in the conviction that such a comparison – pointing out convergences and divergences – may help both to cast new light on the positions of both thinkers and to advance the “theory of recognition” further.
The choice of the three terms in the project’s title - Misrecognition, Anerkennung and Forgiveness – expresses the interpretative hypothesis from which to begin: the hypothesis that Ricoeur uses in an original and simultaneous way both the generative nexus that Hegel poses between misrecognition and recognition – interpreting the latter as the fruit of a struggle – and the theme of forgiveness as the only form of genuine recognition, as developed in the Phenomenology of Spirit.
The objectives of the project will be pursued through a deep and exhaustive exploration of Ricoeur’s lifelong and ambiguous confrontation with Hegel’s thought, with particular attention to the points of intersections of such a confrontation with the intense dialogue that Ricoeur has constantly conducted with the principal theoreticians of the twentieth-century human sciences.
The accomplishment of the project proposed, thanks to a Marie-Curie-fellowship, would therefore not only contribute to fill in a relevant gap in the secondary literature on Ricoeur, but could also furnish valuable theoretical resources with which to enrich the European philosophical paradigm of recognition and to enlarge its field of application to encompass other fields of the human sciences, such as historiography and law.

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