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Engineering of Nanocomposites for a New Energy Conversion Device Joining Fuel Cell and Solar Cell


The overall aim of the Nano-FCSC project is to develop and engineer functional nanocomposite materials for a novel energy conversion technology, which combines the principle of both fuel cell and solar cell, and investigate scientific principles and device mechanisms, including ion and electron transport. Targets of the project are strongly innovative methodologies for the preparation, characterization, testing of advanced nanocomposite materials for joint fuel cell and solar cell device. This project is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research encompassing nanotechnology, materials synthesis, materials characterization, thin film fabrication, device fabrication and performance test (fuel cell and solar cell) and modelling activities. Therefore, the experienced researcher will have exposure to a wide range of experts on nanoscience, fuel cell, solar cell, applied physics and modelling during the whole course of project development. Besides, Nano-FCSC project will generate new fundamental knowledge and foster new prospects and frontiers in the field of fuel cell, solar cell and nanotechnology.

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