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Adaptation of a generic wind tunnel model for attachment line transition measurements


The Hybrid Laminar Flow Technology for drag reduction needs small holes for boundary layer suction. This proposal addresses the perforation and integration of inserts for flow tunnel tests. Therefore, an approved laser process at BIAS for drilling suction holes for flow meters shall be transferred to an adequate system technology for large inserts using a short pulsed fibre laser with high power as recently available on the laser market. The process parameters must be adapted to the new system technology. This will be done by investigation of drilled hole geometries and tolerances using transmitted light microscopy with automated edge detection, which will be calibrated using prepared cross-sections of the holes. The efficient machining speed and fast analysis methods also enable to reconfigure an insert if the achieved results of the wind tunnel tests make this necessary. The following steps shall be done to investigate the production of wind tunnel inserts: Installation/configuration of the drilling system, process development for laser drilling, manufacturing of test specimen and hole analysis, upscaling of laser drilling procedure, manufacturing of 3 suction inserts, integration of suction inserts into model. Within this project the system technology and knowledge about the necessary drilling technology for inserts usable in flow tunnel tests is developed. Furthermore, the feasibility is proven in form of a full size model. This is a contribution to the targets of the CleanSky programme as the successful production of an insert for wind tunnel tests can significantly contribute to the technological breakthrough and shorten the time to market of the suction hole technology, thus contributing significantly to reducing the environmental footprint of aviation.

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