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Charm as probe for QCD and CP violation in B Decays

Final Activity Report Summary - QCD WITH CHARM (Charm as probe for QCD and CP violation in b decays)

Accurate measurements of specific charm particle decays are needed to provide calibration for lattice-QCD calculations and for some CP violation measurements. With the large amount of data registered by the BaBar experiment (SLAC centre, California, United States), and using charm pairs coming from the continuum, precise measurements involving charm semileptonic decays have been performed.

The outcome of the work performed during this time has been the most precise measurement up to date of the form factor for the decay channel D->K e nu using a small data sample (75fb-1) of the BaBar data, and the most precise measurement of the form factors for the Ds->phi e nu decay cannel (with 214 fb-1) and the first-time observation of the s-wave in the Ds -> KK e nu channel, through the interference with the phi meson. In addition, an extensive work has been done in the developing of tools to control the background and to measure the form factors of the D->pi e nu and D-> K pi e nu decay channel, and the K pi mass distribution.