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Support for European Aeronautical SMEs


AeroSME VI is another project in the series of successful specific support actions for Aeronautics. Running since 1999 AeroSME is providing support to European aeronautical SMEs interested in participating in R&TD projects funded by the EU. In each phase AeroSME has adapted its services to the needs of SMEs in the respective Framework Programme. Building on the acquired know-how, AeroSME VI will continue to do so for FP7, particularly with respect to the new type of JTI project.

It is proposed to start AeroSME on 1st Dec. 06 which would allow a seamless continuation of support to SMEs from the previous phase, i.e. internet SME database, network relations, experienced AeroSME team, workshop methodology, etc. Past activities have made AeroSME a well-known supporter for SMEs across and beyond the Aeronautics community. Its services are provided primarily to aeronautical SMEs, but are also available to all interested organisations, which may enhance the SME participation. Particular effort will be paid to support the new and candidate Member States. The support is provided in close co-operation with the EC, European industry associations, the active SSAs, and national points of contact.

The following activities will be provided by AeroSME during the project period:
- A support scheme for the whole FP7; the AeroSME helpdesk;
- Organisation or participation in 12 national workshops informing SMEs on FP7 R&TD projects and procedures;
- An international workshop to prepare the 1st Aeronautics call in FP7, including 1-to-1 meetings between interested SMEs and project co-ordinators;
- Interactive support to SMEs in the initial phases of proposal preparation;
- Support SMEs to find and participate in suitable STREPs, IPs and JTIs;
- Update/maintenance of the public SME database.


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