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Vulnerable Road Users: Detailed Geometry and Finite element models for impact conditions

Final Activity Report Summary - VUDEGFEM (Vulnerable Road Users: Detailed Geometry and Finite Element Models for Impact Conditions)

An MRI-based methodology to collect abdominal and thoracic internal geometry of subjects in postures that are representative of various classes of road users was developed. The developments included the selection of imaging sequences, the choice and implementation of the postures in a fonar upright MRI, and the development of a custom designed registration software tool to process the data.

The methodology was then applied to nine subjects that were scanned in four postures each: pedestrian like (standing), cyclist like (forward flexed), car occupant like (seated) and supine (for reference). During the registration process, three-dimensional (3D) models of the subjects in every position were generated. The models include the liver, spleen, kidneys, spine, sternum, pelvis, skin envelope, femoral heads and two volumes that are representative of the abdomen and thorax.

The effects of posture and gravity on skeletal and soft organ structures were then quantified using the 3D models. The results can be used to improve future finite element models for different classes of road users.