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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-05-29

Light scattering investigation of bio-functionalised amphiphiles

Final Activity Report Summary - BIOSOFT (Light scattering investigation of bio-functionalized amphiphiles)

We have measured the Langmuir adsorption of DNA-functionalised surfactants ('amphinucleosides') by means of light scattering from colloidal model particles near the refractive index matching. We highlight the effect of the hydrophobic tails and specific zwitterionic head groups. We have investigated hydrophobic and specific base pairing interactions occurring in double shells on the surface colloidal particles.

In addition we studied the self-assembling of amphinucleosides with polar heads formed by nine DNA bases. We measured the phase diagram as a function of the ionic strength and temperature, showing evidences of a critical point far from room temperature (around 80C). Finally we have determined the corresponding correlation length and we have compared our results with different model surfactants.