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Nano-particle characterization and toxicity


Given the current manufacture growth, presence of nano-particles (NP) in the environment and the future use of NP, human exposure is inevitable. Yet, the potential adverse effects on human health from exposure to NP are still largely unknown.

This propos al outlines a strategy for determining how the physicochemical properties of NP influence there potential for toxicity at the National Institute of Occupational Health, Denmark and University of Copenhagen. Specifically, a wide range of NP will be characterized for their size, shape, surface area, solubility, and chemical composition.

Experiments will be performed with human epithelial cells to determine the NP potential for toxicity by measuring reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation, pro-inflammatory cytokines, apoptosis, and DNA oxidative damage. By comparing the physicochemical properties of NP with their potential for toxicity, we gain the ability to predict the toxicity potential for existing and novel NP exposures.

Without safety assessments and clear communication with the public and regulators, nanotechnology and the use of NP could potentially be restricted, which may hinder the economic future of Europe.

This research involves the translation of physical science techniques to advance understanding of an important medical issue and mutually benefits from an ongoing and expanding nanotoxicology program at the host institute, which currently includes in vitro, in vivo and hazard evaluation aspects.

My career goal is to become active in Medical Geology and Nanotoxicology. This fellowship would prove extremely valuable for my career training and serve as a springboard for future intra-Europe and cross-Atlantic collaborations.

By combining several established and novel techniques from various disciplines with a well-defined research plan that is relevant to the work programme and the objectives of the European scientific programme, we are ambitious that our contribution may be significant.

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