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A night on the beach with oceanography researchers


The University of Athens and the Hellenic Oceanographers association, in the framework of "Researchers night 2006", intend to organise an event called "A night on the beach with oceanography researchers" (ANOBOR) on Friday 22 September 2006 to promote researchers image to the public. The idea of organizing an open-air event came up as a result of the favourable weather conditions in Greece at this time of the year.

The main objectives of the beach night are:
- Promoting the social aspect of a scientist's personality, making understood that she or he is a "normal" human being, capable of participating in social entourages.
- Stressing the fact that researchers can answer common problems and can be useful in every day life.
- Uncovering the creative, artistic flairs of scientists showing the public how passionate researchers can be.
- Clarifying that being a researcher is not an excluding profession, alienating the scientist but one allowing people to pursue a life among family and friends.
- Outlining that being a researcher is a challenging, rewarding profession, which can fascinate and astonish you every moment.
- Showing that researchers are ordinary people who can socialize and participate in all sorts of activities and at the same time be useful to society.

The event will address a wide target audience of different ages and backgrounds. A variety of activities will be included and there will be a closing party where all the participants, both researchers and guests will meet and enjoy themselves. The aim is to attract an approximate number of 500 participants.

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