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Roll Talon: Innovation bridging high and low prosthetic technology.


The physically disabled population is increasing as a result of population growth, aging, chronic conditions, malnutrition, war, land mines, violence, road traffic, domestic and occupational injuries. The 'Shape&Roll Talon' project addresses a number of issues relating to the needs of persons with functional mobility problems relating to lower limb amputation.

The concept for the project is that it is feasible to create simple, elegant and functional designs of artificial feet that are accessible in terms of manufacturing capability for any member state. This opens up the possibility of appropriate prosthetic provision for persons with disability attending rehabilitation services within new and emerging member states. By bringing together prosthetists, engineers, technical staff and persons with lower limb amputation in creating and evaluating the Shape&Roll Talon the project will deliver an innovative and yet elegantly simple design of an artificial foot.

The project is expected to achieve an enhanced unique design of the existing Shape&Roll prosthetic foot, namely the Shape&Roll Talon that would enable persons with amputation of the lower limb to use an affordable artificial limb safely, whilst being able to choose to wear their own shoes of differing heel heights. The Shape&Roll foot has not previously been available for use with shoes of different heel heights. The project itself will have a design phase followed by development of a simple manufacturing technique intended to be repeated with minimal capital investment.

The Shape&Roll Talon design will then be mechanically tested before being field-tested. The project will help to augment the successful reintegration of an expert researcher into Europe from the United States of America in the field of rehabilitation technologies by expanding upon the researcher's previous knowledge and experience in creating the existing Shape&Roll artificial foot design.

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