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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-06-18

Nuclear astrophysics and stellar hydrodynamics: from the first generations of stars to the local Universe

Final Activity Report Summary - NASH (Nuclear Astrophysics and Stellar Hydrodynamics: From the First Generations of Stars to the Local Universe)

In this project we have studied the nuclear production of the elements in stars, including the physics processes that determine the conditions for nucleosynthesis in stars. The project consisted of two threads: (1) the investigation of turbulent mixing processes in stars that bring together nuclear species in order to react to form new species, and (2) the detailed numerical simulation of production of elements in stellar environments through nuclear network calculations.

In the first area of activity we performed a series of hydrodynamic 3D simulations of convection in evolved stars that have significantly improved our understanding of the nature of mixing processes in the deep interior that play a critical role in the origin of the elements. In the second thread we have created a new computer code package that allows us for the first time to calculate the complete wind yields from low-mass and massive stars with a very large degree if internal consistency.