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Learningful Work - Increasing Employees' Learning Opportunities' at Work. An International Comparison.


The research project studies the elements of meaningful work: work enabling an employee to learn and develop. The importance of continuous learning at work cannot be exaggerated in the complex world, where organizational success has to be built on employees' individual and collective competencies. Work in itself has to be "learningful". To complement professional training and companies' training efforts, daily work has to offer opportunities for learning - for continuous individual and organizational development.
The research project has the following objectives: first, to study work and organizational characteristics conductive to or hindering meaningful work; second, to contribute to the development of a method enabling the assessment of the degree to which work is meaningful; third, to study how organizational cultures and managerial approaches contribute to the meaningfulness of work; and fourth, to study national differences in organizational cultures and managerial approaches contributing to meaningful work and the existence of work and organizational characteristics conductive to it. The objectives are achieved by studying packaging industry companies in Finland, Germany, and Sweden with a research method called "the Meaningful Index" combining interview, observation, and survey data on a work process. The project brings together a promising researcher, a research project allowing her to gain further competencies both relating to scientific expertise and methodological proficiency, as well a host institute providing the researcher an opportunity to work on the research project together with a research group with complementary skills and competencies to her own. While the candidate is proficient in qualitative methodology and "good work"-studies, the host institute brings in the project its personnel's quantitative methodology competencies as well as expertise in learning at work.

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