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Soft Matter Composites - An approach to nanoscale functional materials

Final Report Summary - SOFTCOMP (Soft matter composites - an approach to nanoscale functional materials)

Soft matter constitutes an important element in a wide range of technological applications. Despite its incontrovertible significance, the related research landscape was highly diverse. The soft matter field comprises discrete categories of materials such as surfactants, polymers, colloids, biomatter and so forth; therefore several disciplines are engaged such as physics, chemistry, simulation sciences, chemical engineering as well as biology. Due to the fact that the research was fragmented to such a great extent research groups in Europe concurred to proactively contribute towards a change, for example, by organising regular workshops that covered the entire spectrum of activities of the soft matter science.

Since the NoE SOFTCOMP establishment the strategic integration of soft matter research was brought into a new level since there was created a joint infrastructure which further expanded the research facilities and capabilities compared with any individual partner's laboratory. Namely, this infrastructure enabled the use of advanced synthesis tools, state-of-the-art experimental techniques as well as a joint computer cluster for simulation work. The NoE aimed to establish a knowledge base for an intelligent design of functional nanoscale soft matter composites as well as to form an integrated team that would enhance the European potential in the field of soft matter composite materials.