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Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies for Road Transport


Two innovative integrated Fuel Cell Systems for automotive application will be developed within specific Technological Platforms: -) TP1 "POWERTRAIN": development of a system for traction power by an 80 kW direct hydrogen PEM fuel cell system implemented on a passenger car. -) TP2 "APU": development of 10 kW Auxiliary Power Unit for both light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles, including microstructured diesel oil steam reformer, clean-up reactors, an innovative refórmate hydrogen stack and balance of plant components. These objectives will be reached via R&TD activities that will address the most critical technical bottlenecks which currently hamper wide market penetration of PEM fuel cell systems for road transport, while accounting some of the key market and policy drivers and barriers. Particularly, the following innovative components will be developed: - a 80 kW direct hydrogen stack with strong weight and volume reduction, increased efficiency, durability and start-up time, with innovative MEAs emboding sealing layers (7-layers PEMs); - a 10 kW reformate stack, including innovative electrocatalyst and MEA elements tolerant to very high CO concentrations (up to 5000 ppms) and low-resisitivity (<50 Ohm cm) bipolar plates; - a highly efficient, clean and compact micro-structured diesel steam reformer and gas purification unit proving at least 2000 h durability; - variable displacement compressors with reduced noice level; - innovative humidification/dehumjdification apparatus; - heat exchanger and radiator customised for the different applications. Specific targets for both platforms will be achieved via a system approach leading to development and validation of three Fuel Cell powered vehicles (POWERTRAIN: passenger car; APU: light- and heavy-duty vehicles) with high "well-to-wheel" efficiency...

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