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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-06-16

Monitoring, Optimisation and Control of Liquid Composite Moulding Processes (COMPROME)


The main limitation of the currently existing Liquid Composite Moulding manufacturing technologies in the fabrication of high quality, affordable and integrated aerospace structures lies in their inability to combine the available information (accurate simulations, measurements, experience and knowledge) that deals with the integrated process (resin flow and cure) into a global controlsystem. To circumvent this limitation, the COMPRÓME project proposes not just the refinement and integration of existing control approaches, but the development of a revolutionary control system applicable to a wide range of LCM processes. It uses the dielectric signal for sensing resin flow and cure processes and consists of:>an integrated, durable and tool-mounted dielectric sensor; >modular monitoring system with embedded knowledge;>a process control strategy;>a global integrated process control (IPC) system;>the manufacturing aerospace components with cost-effectiveness and improved quality The proposed novel global IPC scheme brings full benefit from the use of monitoring devices and the utilisation of the existing process knowledge. The benefits to aerospace manufacturers include the manufacturing cost-effectiveness, while the global nature of the control scheme allows the fabrication of large and complex components (free of joints and bonds), thus contributing to increased safety and weight saving in the aircraft. The system promotes closed mould processing techniques, which possess significant environmental benefits due to reduced emissions in the production area.

The main innovations reside in:
(a) an integrated, durable and tool-mounted dielectric sensor clusters
(b) the multi-sensor. Real-time monitoring system;
(c) the interface between composites process simulation tools, process actuators and composites process monitoring tools.
(d) The intelligent guidance of the manufacturing stage along a predefined path of global process conditions

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