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Value Improvement through a Virtual Aeronautical Collaborative Enterprise (VIVACE)


VIVACE is a project set-up in the framework of AECMA addressing aeronautics' Vision 2020 objectives to contribute significantly to fulfilling 3 specific targets of the aeronautics industry Strategic Research Agenda: 1/ Halve the time to market for new products with the help of advanced electronic analytical, design, manufacturing and maintenance process, methods & tools2/ Increase the integration of the supply chain into the network3/ Maintain a steady and continuous fall in travel charges through substantial cuts in operating costs.VIVACE will develop advanced capabilities (Knowledge Enabled Engineering, Multidisciplinary Design and Optimisation, Design to Decision Objectives, Engineering Data Management, Distributed Information Systems Infrastructure for Large Enterprise and Collaborative Hub for Heterogeneous Enterprises) applied on real case engineering and business scenarios from the aircraft and engine sectors. The main result will be an Aeronautical Collaborative Design Environment and associated Processes, Models and Methods to design an aircraft and engines as a whole, providing to the aeronautics supply chaining an extended enterprise, virtual products with all requested functionality and components in each phase of the product engineering life cycle. VIVACE will make its approach available to the aeronautics supply chain via existing networks, information dissemination, training and technology transfer actions. It will last 4 years and be organised into 3 technical subprojects dealing with the Aircraft, the Engine and Advanced Capabilities that will federate all developments. Fourth sub project will take care of management and innovation issues. VIVACE will start from past experiences and results gained in concurrent Engineering such as ENHANCE and will bring together 55 partners from industry, research institutes, universities and technology providers. Exploitation will take place via the design of new aircraft and engines.'

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