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Promoting of Polish participation in GMES

Exploitable results

The main goal of the support action is the promotion of participation of Poland in the first place, but also of other Central European countries in GMES initiative. For this purpose, and to exploit synergies of information, advisory and support activities, a single entity - the GMES information centre (GIC) – has been established within the structure of the Polish Space Office. Its activities are devoted to: - support participation of Polish institutions and institutions from other candidate countries in GMES thematic projects; - support growth of user segment of GMES-related projects. During the project GIC significantly facilitated information exchange between GMES-related entities in Poland, opened several communication channels and contacted a number of external entities with potential Polish co-operators. Apparently it enabled a more efficient Polish participation in GMES activities, as proved by actions that GIC either initiated or supported. GIC initiated work of eight thematic panels to exchange information about activities of institutions actively involved in research on particular topic and to coordinate their efforts with regard to participation in GMES activities. Leaders of panels were also strongly involved in user-oriented activities, in particular seminars and meetings with local authorities GIC also initiated or co-organised 16 activities aimed at supporting institutions willing to participate in projects submitted to the aeronautics and space, the global change and ecosystem priorities. The effort was taken to ensure that the developed mechanisms may expand to operate regionally. In particular, GIC coordinated preparation of regional Specific Support Action - NewEUser, focusing on networking the GMES users. The consortium assembled 20 entities from eight New Member States. However the initiative failed, created communication channels will remain in place and facilitate further efforts in the area. The other part of the project was especially dedicated to support the growth of user segment. GIC co-organised two seminars for representatives of public administration of central level to promote awareness of opportunities offered by EO technologies. This effort was followed by coorganising of Eurisy conference on GMES. As a result, growing political awareness of potential GMES benefits led to rising the concept of preparation of the "common action plan" - effort aimed at coordination of future GMES-related activities of Polish public institution, regulatory framework and definition of funding priorities to allow for the best possible use of the GMES initiative results. GIC also organised series of seminars dedicated to local authorities, held in six main Polish cities. Outcome of those seminars led to better understanding of local users' needs and subsequent activities resulted in definition of several concepts of possible pilot projects. At the time of writing this report, definition of four local, one regional and one central-level pilot projects has been further elaborated and guidelines for their implementation has been prepared. In the next step, independent of SSA GMES-Poland, opportunities for funding these projects will be sought. Furthermore, operating beyond the scope of the foreseen GMES-Poland project, GIC also facilitated initiation of realisation of actual pilot project through cooperation with ESA contractors implementing space service element of the GMES initiative. Altogether, during two-year project period GIC initiated, co-organised or kept presentations in 47 activities.

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