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European Doctorate in Sound and Vibration Studies


This proposal for a Marie Curie Hosing Fellowships for Early Stage Research Training is concerned with the implementation of a European Doctorate in Sound and Vibration Studies (EDSVS). A network of eight European Universities active in the field of Sound and Vibration would offer doctoral training to students from Member and Associate States of the European Union and to students from third countries. The EDSVS network will also assist all other types of Early Stage Training carried out at the EDSVS Institutions. This will include MPhil programmes, Masters courses, Modular Training Courses and Training Workshops. Training will be provided for all subjects related to acoustic noise and vibration. Therefore this is a multidisciplinary project, which involves training in engineering, environmental, physics, mathematical and life sciences. Additional training support will be available for language courses, computing courses and research project planning and management. Each doctoral student under this programme will have a "Home Institute" and a "Hosting Institute", which will jointly define the doctorate programme; the supervision and support of the doctorate activity. Normally the main research activity will be carried out at the Home Institute (normally about 70% of the doctorate duration) while the remaining work will be carried at the Hosting Institute (normally about 30% of the doctorate duration).

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