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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-06-25

Methods and data on environmental and health externalities: harmonising and sharing of operational estimates


The objectives of the proposed project are to advance best practice in external cost assessment, extending the analysis to agriculture, industry, waste and other sectors, and to assist the use of externality studies by incorporating this information into the 'Review of Externalities Data' database (RED). The project will review existing environmental and health externality studies for these sectors. It will provide, for the first time, an integrated methodology to a high standard across all areas by a) harmonising information with existing approaches for the energy and transport sectors (already in RED) and b) where necessary and practicable, extending the methodology for these new sectors. The project will also undertake case studies using the harmonised approach to increase the number of consistent studies. The project will investigate data transferability, and along with the broadening of the project team into accession countries, this will permit wider application of the resulting methods, data and information. The study will compile research recommendations to inform where further development is needed to improve methods. The project will obtain feedback from policy makers mid-way through the project to improve the development of the database and tools. This will ensure the usefulness of the study output. This input, and the harmonised values from the review and case studies, will be fed into the RED database. To facilitate use of the data, the study will develop a 'toolbox' to assist in interpretation and estimation of external costs in new situations and in treatment of uncertainty. This will be backed up with guidance on data use and limitations of current approaches. The work will be disseminated through reports, the RED internet site and workshops with key stakeholders. The study outputs will be useful to policy makers and researchers in relation to agriculture, industry, waste management and other areas where externalities are important.'

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