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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-06-16

Implementation of high-throughput genomic approaches to investigate the functioning of marine ecosystems and the biology of marine organisms


The overall aim of this project is to set up and develop a European Network of Excellence, referred to as "Marine Genomic", for the implementation of high-throughput genomic approaches in the biology of marine organisms. "Marine Genomic" will promote, develop, and spread throughout the European Union a broad range of genomic approaches, to investigate a wide range of questions related to the functioning of marine ecosystems and to the biology of marine organisms. With this aim in view, we propose to group and network experts in genomic, polemics, and bio informatics from several Centres of Excellence in genomic in Europe with marine biologists who can make use of high-throughput genomic data. This will involve the dedication and the development of common research infrastructures, both in genomic and in marine biology. Joining together these distinct scientific communities will establish Europe's lead in marine genomics. The J.E.R. of "Marine Genomic" is broken down into Comparative, Functional and Environmental Genomic, three sections which structure more traditional streamlines, leading to various microbial, algal, evolution development and diversity, and fish and shellfish nodes. This research can be applied to the management of marine resources (prediction of global changes in marine populations, conservation of biodiversity, fisheries management and improvement of aquaculture species) and to gene mining for health and biotechnology. The Integration effort of Marine Genomic is based on the following strategies:
i) jointly develop enabling technologies;
ii) sharing existing technical platforms
iii) collectively gaining access to major Genomic centres;
iv) regrouping under a common Bio informatics Centre; and
v), create and develop a Knowledge and Communication System. Spreading activities will include workshops and courses implemented by a Training & Education Council.


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