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Intelligent Controls for High-Speed Injection Moulding Machines


Plastics production is one of the main industries in Europe with sales exceeding 135 billion Euro per annum. To achieve, hold and consolidate the European technological leadership in the field of industrial goods for plastic processing is of capital importance for the competitiveness of converting industry and consequently in the whole manufacturing industry. European manufacturers of plastics producing machinery have produced about 17.000 machines in 2000, representing a market volume of 1.500 MEuro.ICON-HISIM wants to strengthen the competitiveness of this important European industry sector and therefore proposes.
To develop, design and test a hybrid and electro-hydrostatic control system for the clamping unit of a middle size high-speed injection moulding machine;
to develop, design and test an electro-hydraulically operated injection unit increasing injection speed and total efficiency above 40% significantly;
to develop a new digital self-adaptive control strategy based on cavity pressure for the injection unit to achieve optimal process control;
to develop and test a computer simulation package based on commercially available software that allows to evaluate the performance of clamping units for plastic component production machinery with and without toggle;
To provide optimal use and high reliability of the production machinery by virtual prototyping for reduced set-up expenditure;
to provide condition monitoring and teleservice for downtime reduction, easy maintenance and user-friendliness;
to substantially reduce mineral oil volume, noise emission, energy consumption and cooling water needs. To verify and test these components in a prototype high-speed injection moulding unit for plastic component production under real production conditions. The ICON-HISIMM consortium consists of 9 partners from 5 European countries. It includes 4 Sees and 3 research institutes. Two partners come from associate candidate countries.

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