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Integrated communicating Solid-State Light Engine (ISLE) for use in Automotive Forward Lighting and information exchange between vehicles and infrastructure


This proposal aims to develop a new manufacturing technology to produce a new generation of headlamps for vehicles, which is the base for a future car-to-car or of car-to-infrastructure communication system. For this, a new one shot production process needs to be developed, combining LED chips into a packaging, which already forms the beam with minimized losses in a required way. This proposal aims at simplifying the production process of headlamps by: reducing the number of production steps reducing the components electric bulb, reflector and housing to just one injection-molded component reducing the production time reducing the manufacturing costs State of the art in lighting is an electric bulb. But these bulbs can not be modulated, so they are of no use for communication. White LEDs are existing today. They could serve for both purposes. A standard incandescent bulb achieves 20 lumens per watt (Im/W) while automotive Xenon lamp technology provides 90 Im/W. Solid-state technology currently achieves up to 40 Im/W in the laboratory quantities and about 20 Im/W in series production. New records are established in quarter year intervals. The theoretical limit of 200 Im/W- at half the theoretical limit - the solid-state source achieves greater efficiency than the best existing light source. More efficient lighting systems means enhanced brightness on the road while reducing fossil fuel emissions through lower power consumption.

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