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Impact of eGovernment on Territorial Government Services


The objective of TERREGOV is to become the European reference for innovative technologies enabling the effective implementation of eGovernment services by local governments.

Considering that government services are offered by a number of administrations interacting one with each other and that local administrations often act as a front office to Citizens, the Project's goal is to make it possible for local governments, to become a channel for delivering online a large variety of services in a straightforward and transparent manner regardless of the administration(s) actually involved in providing those services.

From a technological perspective, TERREGOV focuses on the needs for flexible and interoperable tools to support the change towards eGovernment services, in emerging eGovernment interoperability frameworks. It unfolds in 3 technological R&D Streams:
-"Web Services and eGovernment Processes" combine flexible eGovernment interoperable services in end-to-end process workflows;
-"Semantic enrichment eGovernment Services" enable Web Services to discover each other on a semantic basis;
-"Support to Civil Servants" enable civil servants to focus on the added value of the service delivered to Citizens - increasingly acting as advisers. Most developments will be performed in Open Source to foster their dissemination.

Pilot Activities conducted in 4 European countrieswill provide User Drive and will address Social Care as a common application area. Experiments, trials and finally take-up will be implemented between 2005 and 2007.

Socio-economic Research will be conducted through an "Observatory on Interoperable eGovernment Services" to balance RTD and User drives. It will extend the specific pilot studies to a European-wide perspective and will address the impact of interoperable eGovernment technologies on Human Resource, Policy and Business Management in local governments. The Observatory's Annual Conference aims at becoming a major event.

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