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Surface Plasmon Nanodevices : Towards sub-wavelength miniaturization of optical interconnects and photonic components


Miniaturizing optical connections and controlling optical processes at the sub wavelength scale are expected key technologies not only for the future of data processing but also for the development of various sensors needed in nanotechnologies. Among other strategies, a promising perspective shows up from the research works on optical nanodevices involving surface plasmon polaritons sustained by nanostructures, also called plasmonics.

During the last years, European laboratories succeeded to build a significant advance over concurrent groups of other continents. To ensure the definitive European leadership in this field of research with a high potential of industrial applications, it is now essential to federate the human and technical resources spread in Europe into a Network of Excellence aimed at developing prototypes of surface plasmon nanodevices for controlling optical processes at the sub wavelength scale.

In the framework of well identified scientific and technical objectives, the participating organizations propose as aim of the present network of excellence to test an alternative structure of the management, evaluation and decision making mechanisms of research projects in order to improve the incisive and target oriented character of the research program.


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