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Vacuum insulation (VACI)


Insulation methods are among the most important aspects in many applications. Conventionally used materials are often considered suboptimal in terms of environmental issues, space requirements, and performance. Depending on the nature of the application, these drawbacks can become costly and possibly prohibitive. Hence, the development and introduction of new materials is of great importance. An alternative approach to conventionally employed insulation materials is one that considers vacuum insulation. Laboratory experiments concerning the performance have shown good results, however, to refine the method for commercial exploitation requires further research. The participants of this project have recognized the potential of this new method and believe the availability of such methods would provide access to new horizons. In controlling the intellectual property rights, the SMEs participating would be able to gain a significant competitive advantage, as the application of this method is relevant to many areas of industrial importance. The technical objective of the proposed research is hence the refinement and development of methods, processes, and machinery to manufacture and maintain Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) is a way that will facilitate their use in industrial applications. This implies the development of methods that will allow tapered and bent segments, and it especially requires research regarding the joining of segments. Additionally, the development of machinery and methods to ensure on-site repair or exchange of damaged segments is a topic. The project is expected to contribute to European objectives in a distinctive way. While the unique character of the research involved constitutes a new path and therefore leads to valuable prerequisites that will set standards accordingly, the combined impact on safety from both a fire hazard and materials standpoint, as well as multiple environmental issues is particularly appealing from a European perspective.

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