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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-05-29

Development of new bio-lubricants and coatings using standoils from linseed, castor and tung oils (STANLUB)


Today, more than 90% of lubricant and coating production is based on use of raw materials and processes developed by the petro-chemical industry. The high environmental burden caused by the use of non-renewable petrochemical based feedstocks for the chemical and polymer industries, has led to the search for vegetable oil-based alternatives.

Bio-lubricants and "green" solvents for coatings answer to these preoccupations and represent an emerging market in which Small and Medium Enterprises are strongly active. To develop market shares, SMEs need to enhance the performances and the properties of vegetable oil based products through selection of the best vegetable oil sources and the development of cost-effective and efficient processes to transform vegetable oils in raw materials for bio-lubricants and solvents for coatings.

The objectives of the project are to develop "green" raw materials and related production processes from renewable sources: standoils from linseed oil, castor oil and tung oil for two applications which are bio-lubricants and solvent for coatings.

The main interests of the project are:
- The implementation of a low cost process with few reaction steps that could be used easily at SME scale (4 steps instead 6 steps for traditional processes).
- To provide to SMEs cost-effective raw materials with high quality standards, good mechanical and physical properties (at least 20% cheaper than traditional raw materials).
- To valorise all the standoils derivatives from linseed, castor and tung oil. The main one (dimer) will be used for bio-lubricant production and the reaction by-product (monomer) for the coating industry.

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