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Study on databases of women scientists


Networks and databases are an important strategy to promote women in science and to increase the percentage of women in top positions in the scientific field. While there are projects covering networks, an international cooperation and linking of mostly na tional databases is still missing. The promotion of women scientists is urgently needed and databases are an effective means to achieve this. The study will result in presenting the bases to build up co-operations. It comprises three tasks concerning datab ases of women scientists: 1. a structured coverage and an overview of databases, 2. a feasibility study on the technical possibilities of linking databases, 3. the development of criteria of quality and formulation of recommendations for building up new da tabases. In order to ensure the adequate participation of women scientists in the 6th Framework Programme and in the building of the European Research Area, the internationalisation and collaboration of women scientist is urgently needed. Databases are an effective means to achieve this aim. For databases to be used efficiently by women scientists and organisations, they have to meet certain criteria of quality. A catalogue of relevant criteria for a high quality database will be presented as one of the res ults of the study. It will also include best practice examples for those countries wishing to build up new databases. The availability of recommendations, including a technical background, can also facilitate any plans for a database possibly accompanying the European Platform of Women Scientists in the future.


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