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Final Report Summary - SLOVAK FP6 (The support for participation of Slovak institutions in FP6)

Best traditions in science and technology and existing educational and cultural potentials created good conditions for the gradual improvement of the Slovak participation in Sixth Framework Program (FP6). In spite of good scientific level of the Slovak universities, institutes of Slovak Academy of Sciences, many industrial research institutions and many high-tech Small and medium enterprises (SMEs), there were many obstacles to hinder for better participation of Slovak subjects including SMEs in Fifth Framework Program (FP5) and FP6 projects.

The general objective of the SLOVAK FP6 project was to create background and realisation of supporting actions to increase the participation of Slovak subjects in FP6. The project aimed to improve supporting infrastructure and information resources, facilitate Slovak contact persons by databases, help SMEs in writing project proposal, prepare guidelines in Slovak language and create appropriate platform for research workers to make partner search abroad easier and to support international contacts of Slovak subjects.

The consortium consisted of six participants:
- Slovak Research and Development Agency (APVV);
- Presidium Office of Slovak Academy of Science (P-SAV);
- National Agency for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (NADSME);
- Association of Industrial Research and Development Organizations (AIRDP);
- NOVITECH Partner; and
- BIC Bratislava.

The project had been divided to four work packages and consortium board members concluded that its results were valuable and brought important support for Slovak subjects participation in FP6 and Seventh Framework Program (FP7). To compare with period of FP5 better conditions for Slovak participants were created. FP6 results were better than in FP5.

There were some results appreciated by research and SMEs communities. For example:
- Guide 'How to obtain a project in FP6'- first guide in Slovak;
- Two national conferences, that created a new forum for the FP participants;
- three international scientific conference, that became platforms for next international, cooperation in FP;
- databases of research institutions and innovative SMEs that were valid for FP7 as well and were converted into Compact disc (CD) entitled 'Partner search in Slovakia';
- Analyses of Slovak participation in FP6 published in project bulletin 2007;
- explanatory dictionary of English terms used in FP7 documents.

The project activities were affected by the fact that starting day of the project was delayed and project started more than one year later. The project plan activities included support for FP6 only. However, some tasks had to be extended to coming FP7 and to realise new non-planned tasks. The extension of project program to FP7 topics had increased importance for SLOVAK FP6. Thus, the project had a new, non-planned dimension - bridging between FP6 and FP7.