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Types for Proofs and Programs


Technology for building accurately specified and reliably correct computer systems is of deep interest for industry in Europe. This is a long-term problem, requiring progress in many areas. The use of formal logics for specification and reasoning about systems, and of strongly typed programming languages with inherent correctness properties, are well accepted as necessary parts of the solution. The aim of our research activities is to develop the technology of formal reasoning and computer programming based on Type Theory, by improving the languages and computerised tools for reasoning, and by applying the technology in several domains such as analysis of programming languages, certified software, formalisation of mathematics and mathematics education.

This proposal is based on the strong collaboration and achievements in four successful European projects (ESPRIT BRA and Working Group), in which we have built several computer systems for proof development and used them in applications. The theory and the associated systems developed by consortium members define the state of the art in type theory and its applications. Some impressive examples using these systems have been achieved. However, it is a long-term project to make this technology suitable for useby engineers, mathematicians and students.

The proposed Co-ordination Action is essential to maintain our community so that sites doing related and complementary work can continue to communicate and collaborate fruitfully. We request funding for three annual meetings to communicate recent work throughout the consortium, six smaller thematic workshops on designated research themes, one summer school, short courses and short visits between sites. For wide dissemination of our work, the proceedings of the annual meetings will be formally refereed and published, while the thematic workshops, summer school and short courses will be publically available on a project web page.

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