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Remote sensing and geo informatio n processing in the assessment and monitoring of land degradation and desertification in support of the UNCCD; state of the art and operational perspectives


In the past years, the persisting threat of desertification and degradation of natural resources has resulted in a large number of initiatives and research efforts on a global scale, including the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification. Despit e significant progress, knowledge still remains fragmented in many fields, especially with respect to the definition of related indicators or early warning systems. The specific support activity "Remote Sensing and Geoinformation processing in the assessme nt and monitoring of land degradation and desertification in support of the UNCCD. State of the art and operational perspectives", intends to serve as a platform to bring together leading scientists working in the fields of remote sensing and geoinformatic s with a focus on desertification and land degradation with potential users. A dedicated conference striving for attention on a world wide level will be the core around which various other activities are assembled. Commissioned studies in specific target f ields will provide an overview on the state of the art, being complemented through methodological and application studies. Besides taking care of a sound scientific management and logistic organisation of the conference, major efforts will be dedicated tow ards the international visibility of the event and its results by providing for a high-level dissemination following different pathways {abstract book/CDROM, special issues of scientific journals, printed conference proceedings). A web site will provide f urther dissemination of the project as well as dynamic elements. Following principles set forth by the Commission under the ENRICH initiative and the quest to strengthen the European Research Area, the project will address renowned scientific experts, and support the participation of experts and stakeholders from third world and developing countries, which are often among the regions most affected from desertification and land degradation.

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