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Cinema and Science


The project Cinema and Science (CISCI) is an undertaking to help to raise interest and to improve public understanding ofscience in the young generation. The primary target groups are European teachers and their pupils in schools. CISCI combinesthe most popular media among the young generation, namely movies and the Internet, to help to raise the attractiveness ofscience at schools, to counteract the widely spread misconceptions arising from pseudo-science as well as to raise the pupils'awareness and sensibility of gender-biased representations and public ethical and risk concerns related to science andscientific achievements. CISCI will be available on web-based platforms containing about 160 scientifically relevant and interesting movie clips eachabout 1-3 minutes long from documentaries and popular movies together with related didactical scientific descriptions, commentaries and explanations at a basic (pupils older than 10 yrs) and advanced level (pupils older than 14 yrs) for schoolsmatched to the respective national curricula, and scientific explanations dedicated to the teacher. The content unit issupplemented by multimedia like animations and virtual reality worlds and contains interactive elements. The platforms containalso communication features, search functions, and an online-journal about science aspects in actual movies. CISCI will beimplemented and disseminated through the websites of the CISCI-partners and educational portals or websites of teachersassociations, vocational, educational, governmental and other portal operators. At the end of the project the contents of CISCIwill be available through about 20 websites and educational portals in at least 6 European languages and 8 European countries, and the U.S. with more than one million visitors per month.'

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